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Our mission is plain and simple.  

We gather, document and measure employee performance to ensure leads and prospects are handled effectively. Your employees will be evaluated against your custom created benchmarks that match your organizational standards. You will then be provided a report providing crucial insights to help you objectively manage employees in order to achieve maximum sales & leasing performance.  

"Knowledge is Power. Litigation is Expensive"

Is the threat, worry or possibility of Fair Housing violations getting you down, costing you thousands, jeopardizing the integrity of your organization?
If the answer to any of the above is "YES" we can help.
We can help you prevent the headaches of dealing with fines and/or litigation imposed by HUD or other compliance organizations. We provide our clients with accurate information on how your employees are performing. 
In most organizations or with most managers it is what you don't know that hurts the most. 
Let us show you how our processes will improve employee performance, reduce the likelihood of litigation and improve your bottom line.

"Qualitative Analysis with Quantifiable Results"

Our goal is to measure employee performance which directly impacts the
experience of prospects and the satisfaction of customers.
Our detailed reports will allow you to monitor efficiency and accelerate performance results where needed in order to improve the organizations NOI. 

Our Services Include

Call Scoring
Personalized Call Scoring provides clients the maximum return on their investment by measuring consumer response. Our client reports are designed to maximize employee performance through results.
 Internet Shop E-Mail assessment of the Leasing Professional with written report and validation by our staff.
Telephone/Audio Telephone assessment of the Leasing Professional with audio recording and written report with validation by our staff.
Site Visit
On-Site visit and assessment with written report. Assessment based on shoppers professional opinion with validation by our staff.
Site Visit
(Audio/Video Recording)
On-Site visit with audio/video capture and assessment with written report. Assessment based on shoppers professional opinion with validation by our staff.
Customer Perception Report The customer perception assessment is based on visits by real people who are actively seeking your products or services. The report you receive is based on the interaction between the leasing or sales professional and interested party. The visitation or customer comment card is reviewed, scored based on real life experiences. This report also gives you a feel for what your competition might offer that you don't. Target specific shops are available.
Contact us today to set up a complimentary consultation.
We provide mystery shopping services to all
industries across the United States.

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